"Circle Above Me(A Silent Voice)" Music video

Check out our first music video from our new album Future Golden Age for the song "Circle Above Me(A Silent Voice)" This video was all run and gun craziness. We shot the full band sequences at Bryan's wife's parents house deep out in the Redland/Oregon City area in Oregon. We spent the night at their place to wake up at 5:30 and shoot the video to capture the morning light through the trees. it's always worth waking up at a stupid time to catch amazing light, unfortunately it was raining all morning. That sucked. Especially since we planned on shooting 2 music videos that day. So after too much coffee and possibly some cartoons, we headed to our second location and shot the second video(which isn't out yet) which was set indoors. Weather cleared up so we drove back out to the sticks and shot "Circle Above Me". Gosh that section about the weather was a bit boring... Anyways we set up the generator and shot for about an hour or so. Our bud Jake Melara shot everything for us on 2 Canon 6Ds, and used a jib and Ronin gimbal for all the steady stuff. I love how clean this video looks. Jake used the Rokinon Cine 85mm for most of the individual shots, and I just love the background Bokeh in those shots. Thanks Jake! You seriously rule.

As far as the story for this video, and really any video I do now, I like to have a really vague story idea. A music video is such a short time to communicate a specific thought. With a song you have lots of room to articulate an idea in the lyrics and the music can support it. So the videos I like to use to communicate a feeling or mood. So with this video, each character is on a journey that ends with the release of something they are traveling with. That could be a burden they learn to let go of, or inspiration that they finally learn to channel... However you wanna look at it I think YOU can give meaning to the art. The song is about hope. The thought/prayer, is that what fuels our Hope, is the idea that Love is above all, and the force/engine of the universe. If anyone doesn't like how that sounds to "rest in the arms of the Universe", I would use that word "Universe" synonymous with God, or the nature of God. All that to say there's no crazy story plot here, just the idea of love, freedom, and beauty, its a tool to bring us all closer to love for one another, ourselves, and God. That sounds like a lofty goal, but I think if we're living at peace with God and the Universe, we're always trying to accomplish that goal with everything we do.

Hope giving you the background on this video was interesting! Always feel free to email any questions to us in the BIO section, or the comments below and we'll do our best to answer.

Much Loves and thanks for your support. The new record has done really well so far thanks to you and we're so grateful.