"Circle Above Me(A Silent Voice)" Music video

Check out our first music video from our new album Future Golden Age for the song "Circle Above Me(A Silent Voice)" This video was all run and gun craziness. We shot the full band sequences at Bryan's wife's parents house deep out in the Redland/Oregon City area in Oregon. We spent the night at their place to wake up at 5:30 and shoot the video to capture the morning light through the trees. it's always worth waking up at a stupid time to catch amazing light, unfortunately it was raining all morning. That sucked. Especially since we planned on shooting 2 music videos that day. So after too much coffee and possibly some cartoons, we headed to our second location and shot the second video(which isn't out yet) which was set indoors. Weather cleared up so we drove back out to the sticks and shot "Circle Above Me". Gosh that section about the weather was a bit boring... Anyways we set up the generator and shot for about an hour or so. Our bud Jake Melara shot everything for us on 2 Canon 6Ds, and used a jib and Ronin gimbal for all the steady stuff. I love how clean this video looks. Jake used the Rokinon Cine 85mm for most of the individual shots, and I just love the background Bokeh in those shots. Thanks Jake! You seriously rule.

As far as the story for this video, and really any video I do now, I like to have a really vague story idea. A music video is such a short time to communicate a specific thought. With a song you have lots of room to articulate an idea in the lyrics and the music can support it. So the videos I like to use to communicate a feeling or mood. So with this video, each character is on a journey that ends with the release of something they are traveling with. That could be a burden they learn to let go of, or inspiration that they finally learn to channel... However you wanna look at it I think YOU can give meaning to the art. The song is about hope. The thought/prayer, is that what fuels our Hope, is the idea that Love is above all, and the force/engine of the universe. If anyone doesn't like how that sounds to "rest in the arms of the Universe", I would use that word "Universe" synonymous with God, or the nature of God. All that to say there's no crazy story plot here, just the idea of love, freedom, and beauty, its a tool to bring us all closer to love for one another, ourselves, and God. That sounds like a lofty goal, but I think if we're living at peace with God and the Universe, we're always trying to accomplish that goal with everything we do.

Hope giving you the background on this video was interesting! Always feel free to email any questions to us in the BIO section, or the comments below and we'll do our best to answer.

Much Loves and thanks for your support. The new record has done really well so far thanks to you and we're so grateful.


Future Golden Age is out!

Thanks for making the release of our new album "Future Golden Age" a huge success! Your response has been incredible and we are so stoked to finally show you all our hard work. If you haven't picked up your copy yet, here's where you can find it.


itunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/future-golden-age/id1067970992

Bandcamp(includes Digital Booklet) - https://fallstarmusic.bandcamp.com/album/future-golden-age


HERE - http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/fallstar1


Q&A #1 - Advice for starting a band

What advice can you give someone just starting a band? - Anonymous

Thanks for writing Anonymous! Not sure why you just didn't give your name though, not a super incriminating question, unless I'm missing something :)

I'll start my advice to you with the best piece of advice I've ever received. This nugget of wisdom was passed on to me on my wedding day, along with slews other advise, but I refer back to this constantly. Here it is... "The best advice I have for you Chris, is Don't listen to anyone else's advice."

I love it! Especially on your wedding day, when everyone is putting in their two cents on what makes a happy marriage. You just gotta take a step back and figure that everyone's marriage is going to be different, and there's no "one size fits all" method for making it work. I think this is the best advice I could pass on to anyone starting a band for the first time.

Back in my day when Fallstar was starting out, all I heard was how labels were becoming obsolete and their time of ruling the world was coming to an imminent close. Stupid. But back then bands were getting huge off this new thing called Myspace, and the internet showed promise of making all indy dreams come true. Then it was touring, "To make it as a band you need to tour 8-10 months out of the year". So we toured like crazy for 2 years, went broke, trashed 2 vans, and then sold our touring rig. Not sure how much that really helped us as a band, but I know for sure we weren't touring on the best possible music we could have been making.

So it's hard for me to answer that question in a direct pathway to success, because bands make it because of various different factors, and I can't predict the proper way for you to go about it. BUT... Here's a couple things to keep in mind on your journey.

1. Write good songs.
It can be easy to get caught up with trends, and appearances, but at the end of the day your music is what makes you. Learn to write well. Play along with albums you love and learn their structures, tunings, and styles. Then write a million songs. They will suck at first, but try and have fun with it. I record into the voice memo app all day on my phone, constantly searching for a melody or riff that sticks. Song writing is a skill. Like a muscle, you have to exercise it and the skill gets stronger. I've written and forgotten more songs than I remember, and there's still lots of room for improvement.

You also gotta figure out how you write best. If there's too many members that wanna write, or a conflict in direction of the music, then consider splitting off or dropping some members. That maybe sounds harsh, but we wasted lots of time trying to cater to everyone in the bands creative input. If you really wanna make the best music, you gotta go with the best songs, if one dude is writing all the best stuff, go with that until the other members writing skills improve.

2. Network
Times change and it's pretty hard to predict trends, but there's one trend that doesn't change, "It's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know." Play locally as much as you can and get plugged into your scene. Get to know everyone. Watch other bands sets. Be nice. Force yourself to get to know everyone, get phone numbers. There is prolly someone who you should meet locally that can help you out with shows, recordings, tours, ect... The more people that know, like and believe in your music the better. Also be reaching out with your social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Duh right? But this is something I wish we did early on. You can reach out to anyone and bug them about your music. Letting people know you exist is so smart. Maybe it will be 3 years down the road until that A&R actually takes you seriously, but at least it shows persistence.

You know... the older I get the more simple my goals with art seem to get. I'm to the point where all I want my art to communicate is love,
light, and joy into the world. I see how powerful positive energy is in the world, and even if few ears hear the music we're making, I know
that to make a change in consciousness of an individual for the better, is of the highest form of goodness. That gets me stoked. Starting a
band gives you the power to do this very thing and it's something to consider as well.

Anyways... That's my attempt at advice. I'm still learning stuff all the time, and by no means am I an expert. Thanks for asking and we're always open for answers! P.S. forgot to mention... Always tour with a dog(or animal of the sort.) and releasing your record on cassette tapes is (not)cool!

Much Love!---->

Welcome to werebuildingafire.com

Welcome to the official website for Fallstar! We're stoked to get this up and going. This page is only managed by us. Take a look around, we tried to compile all our work in one place for you. Take note of the Email List link. Fill that out and stay current on the really important stuff. Also we now have a Q&A section on our bio page, so if you've been waiting for that opportunity then here it is! That's about all for now. Hope you dig the site. Cheers---->