After a successful run with 2013’s Facedown Records release, Backdraft,  Fallstar has spent the past two years honing in on exactly what defines the act. Marriages, babies, member shifts and label discussions ensued. What would Fallstar look like in the coming years? With the importance of traditional labels dwindling, the Portland four vowed that their longevity would not be determined or influenced by a single source outside of their own close-knit circle. In order to release what became Future Golden Age, the band formed Rat Family Records and enlisted their dedicated fan base via Kickstarter to help push the process to completion.  The band released their first music video from Future Golden Age,” Circle Above Me” on November 30th to hugely supportive numbers. Fallstar will be playing new tracks at Christmas Rock Night in Dusseldorf, Germany this winter and will be dropping Future Golden Age on December 8th.

Yo peoples! Thanks for checking out the website. It's something we've needed to do for a while now and finally were able to put something together. We wanted a single spot where you can see anything we've made as a band and stay current on what we're doing. Be sure to sign up for our email list in the top menu, you keep us going and this is your way not to miss out on the goods. Thank you all for being so amazing to us, we don't take our chance to make music for granted at all. Here's a Q&A below. Lots of you write to us on Facebook and please continue to do so, we try to stay on top of that the best we can. If you have more of a faith/political/band question for us that others might possibly benefit from, then use the form below and we'll post the answer to our Tumblr. We're not the smartest dudes in the room, but maybe our perspective can offer some insight to your questions. Much Love!---->



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